The Friday Music Post: Rich Aucoin

Well hey there.

Hope y’all like the new look of The Saltwater Journal – though don’t expect a new look to mean I’ll be back posting frequently.

Here’s a fun track from Rich Aucoin to launch your weekend.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Be good to each other.

– MT

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05. December 2014 by Mat Trevors
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Roosterfish: In Search of Grande

The trailer for In Search of Grande, the epic tale of dudes chasing epic roosterfish in Mexico’s Baja.

21. November 2014 by Mat Trevors
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John Oliver on the salmon cannon

’nuff said…


12. November 2014 by Mat Trevors
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The Seagull or the Sardine

Here’s a cool spearfishing vid called ‘The Seagull or the Sardine,’ as in “I’m not sure whether I’m the seagull or the sardine yet.”

Much like my saying, “Some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue.”

Hat tip to The Scuttlefish (i.e., the website that is simultaneously my muse and my nemesis) for the find.

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Enjoy the video.

– MT

PS – Don’t call this a comeback post – it’s far too half-assed.

12. November 2014 by Mat Trevors
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Thanksgivin’er Hiatus

I’m soon off to the opposite side of the continent to visit with family & friends for what’s known up here in Canadaland as Thanksgivin’er weekend.

Two of my best friends are getting married, with the festivities held at my long-time second home – and the home of my extended family – the local rugby club.

Then it’s off to see the immediate family, where my folks will have all three of their boys sitting down to Thanksgivin’er dinner with their grandmother for the first time in I dunno how long.

Posting here will be taking a backseat – even more than usual – as there’s no laptop coming on this trip. Even the tablet & its near-limitless ebook library is on the maybe-not pile; working through the hardcover of Dan Barber’s The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food* during travel & down time is my goal.

I’m not going as far as declaring a full-on digital detox, though: y’all know there’s a solid chance I’ll be bitching about air travel on Twitter or deciding I really need to “Instagram that shit” while I’m galavanting across the country.

So yeah, I’ll be back on here…whenever… Keep it real. Enjoy some Japandroids below.

And happy Thanksgivin’er.

– MT

* – The only issue with that plan is the size of hardcover of The Third Plate exceeds the airline’s carryon luggage size limit. Seriously. Fuckin’ thing’s huge.

There’s a video above this. Can’t see it? Click here.


06. October 2014 by Mat Trevors
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